Drive Towards Being A True Human

The journey towards being a true human being is not an easy job. It simply is a very long process and you need to put considerable effort. As they say if you don’t have our individuality, then with time passing you just be slaves of time. Your life moves towards darkness and ignorance captures us strongly. The deadly ailment that grasps oneself is their ego. To be stay and move ahead in spiritual path, ego is the first thing that needs to be given up. One must put lot of effort in thinking and doing things above his ego. This happens to be a continuous process. One must be open to change and at the same time construct his individuality.

There are many stages in which the journey of spirituality moves ahead. The first thing to start spiritual journey is Yoga. All human beings in this fast moving world, get seduced by the daily chores and work life. Their behavior has been greatly affected and the usual human being is just like a caged animal enslaved by the routines and motions of ordinary life. All tend to be a victim of social and environmental changes going all around. One should find time daily to practice yoga and other mudras to keep oneself healthy and active all the day. It’s should never be a one-day task. The process should begin from the very childhood and continue till ages. The main instruments of a human being are mind, life and body. These are the things a human is often found to be immersed. Being concerned about these area of nucleus, makes one lose his true identity. This also keeps reducing the effectiveness and charm. The soul is much above than all these. So human should think about that.

When the inner body is good, then everything out is equally good. One should always try to maintain his inner esteem and others would automatically follow. If this continues in harmony, then obviously a true individual is born. Rather not born, but created. The inborn spirituality gets isolated from our gaze and a thick crust proceeds and covers our true nature. We recognize ourselves with the body and personality. But, the true self remains in the soul.

It takes lot of strength and courage to break free. The more you stay within the tramlines, one is pulled towards the ordinary life. A spiritually motivated person detects this in a very small span of time and acts up on. There is certainly a force that molds the personality in to an individual. You must grab it. The force starts working behind the scenes and once the inner self is cleansed, it shows the transformation. A spiritualized individual should be cemented with the glue of harmony.With passing time, this harmony grows to be stickier, a then a truer integer evolves.It takes great persistence and perseverance to achieve this. A strong combination of will and effort goes together. This is a peak of integral Yoga.