Held in the USA twice a year (Summer Solstice mid-June and Winter Solstice mid-December – for just over a week), these gatherings draw people from all over the world. You can learn with the most experienced teachers of Kundalini Yoga, healing, and Sikh Dharma – as well as enjoy the transformational benefits of three days of White Tantric Yoga. Many people form close friendships with those who serve with them on their Karma Yoga missal or service exchange team – where we serve others in many ways, to have a healthier, happier experience. Various unique items designed to support the Aquarian and yogic lifestyle can be found and purchased in the bazaar. New levels of wellness can be experienced during appointments with exceptional healers and health practitioners.

Yogi Bhajan urged, revolve your life around attending Summer and Winter Solstices and all else will be taken care of.

I can verify the truth of this statement from my own experience, attending these events twice and year and serving on the Solstice Staff for almost four decades. It never fails to inspire, rejuvenate and profoundly bless me.

Don’t miss these sacred gatherings! To make Solstice more affordable, consider applying for a service exchange 2-3 months before the events. A service exchange will save you quite a bit of money and immerse you fully into the heart of the Solstice experience – chanting, working, serving, and learning with others from all over the world. If you do not need the service exchange, then dive into the Karma Yoga missal service you will choose (as all are requested to participate in and do some form of service) and honor it fully! Learn more at: http://www.3ho.org

The European Yoga Festival, held in late July/early August in the charming French countryside, is another wonderful opportunity to have many of the same experiences that the Solstices in the usa provide, with a uniquely European flavor. (World’s best croissants are close by too!).

Excerpt From: 'The Essential Element'book
How to get the most out of Yogi Bhajan's core teaching - Morning Sadhana
and why you won't want to miss it!
By S.S. Jot Singh Khalsa

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