• Get some form of vigorous aerobic exercise (not before morning sadhana time but regularly). It assists in keeping the physical body tuned and the mind alert.
  • Drink lots of water – at least 6-8 tall glasses per day. It reduces stress buildup in the physical body and also helps keep the mind alert.
  • Do morning sadhana between 3-7 am known as the Amrit Vela / Nectar time. It is the most effective and powerful time. When possible, do morning sadhana with others, as the power and effects of group sadhana are exponential.
  • Get to bed at a reasonable hour, so you have a better chance of staying alert during meditation.
  • Before you go to bed, call on the universal forces you relate to, to assist you getting up in the ‘ambrosial’ hours (3-7 am). Yogi Bhajan shared with us that calling on the energy of Guru Ram Das (known as the Lord of Miracles) could bring profound blessings.
  • Eat lightly at night and as early as feasible. It’s more difficult to focus in meditation when the body may still be digesting.
  • Endeavor to have moved your bowels sufficiently either the night before or upon arising, as it allows the mind greater capacity to focus.
  • Upon rising in the ambrosial hours, take a cold shower. Put on multiple layers of clothing, a shawl, or blanket to sufficiently warm yourself.
  • During the yoga set, try to keep the mind focused inside (using a mantra works well). During meditation, endeavor to keep the mind focused on the meditation mantras. Deeply listen to them in your own mind. Yogi Bhajan, 8/97. This will lead you to experience your ‘Inner Vitality’ (Yogi Bhajan), where all your mental and emotional stress will be neutralized, leaving you refreshed, grateful, radiant, and ready for anything/anyone.
  • Understand that you’re trying to master your Self. The process will present a constant variety of challenges to your desire to develop consistency. Persevere and work at being consistent, as the process and the effects of regular yoga and meditation are cumulative.
  • Do your best to be serviceful and kind throughout the day. God blesses and elevates those who serve others.
  • Avoid consuming any/excess amounts of refined sugars, hydrogenated oils, and caffeine whenever possible as they tax the physical body’s natural systems – making more sleep necessary. (This guideline was added after getting Yogi Bhajan’s approval for all the others.)


These guidelines were created by S.S. Jot Singh Khalsa and approved by Yogi Bhajan in Millis, MA, USA, in November 1997. They were originally published in MSS Shakti Parwha Kaur’s “Keeping Up With Kundalini Yoga” newsletter of April, 1998.

Sadhana chants & meditations

“The most precious thing in the human body is the breath. Without breath your hairdo, your make up, your clothing, your cars, your home has no value.  A meditation which cannot bring normalcy and equilibrium in your breathing is useless. Because rate of breathing and the length of breathing will determine the rate of your glandular system and that secretion will give you physical stability and physical stability will give you then mental stability. Mental stability will shine the radiance of the spirit, the soul in you. When the spirit will be radiant and heavy, you will look spiritual.”

Yogi Bhajan, 2/19/76

The Aquarian Sadhana chants are the suggested meditations to follow your morning  Kundalini Yoga practice. This meditation series is the key to unlock your potential to be successful through the diverse challenges before us in the Aquarian age. These seven meditations were given by the Master in June 1992 to be practiced for a period of 21 years. He also stated (according to several reliable colleagues who heard him) that if he left the earth plane prior to the end of that 21-year period, that these would become the default suggested morning sadhana meditations for the rest of time. At major annual yoga events, including Summer and Winter Solstice Sadhanas and the European Yoga Festival in France, the Aquarian Sadhana chants are done every morning.

These seven meditations require just over one hour to complete. Each segment has very specific effects, and together all seven afford a dynamic and transformational experience. The Aquarian Sadhana chants are complete in the way that they were given. Combining them with additional mudras and/or celestial communication is unnecessary. Once incorporated into a daily routine – the results will be powerful with due diligence.

My experience with the Aquarian Sadhana chants has evolved over the 20+ years since they were first given. I prefer the musical compositions that allow me to take deep breaths in between repetitions of the mantra. Those deep breaths keep me yogically energized and alert so I can maintain my focus on listening to the mantras as I chant them. Doing that, by His grace, my inner vitality is assured.

On those mornings when the musical chant compositions are not my favorites, I summon the will to overlook that loss of a preference – so that I can focus on having a profound yogic, meditative experience despite (or because of) the added challenges.

Another point worth noting: the mantra music should not be your primary concern. You can chant without any music. Your primary focus is to chant and hear the mantras in the same moment. Do this and transformation will occur!

You may choose to do any meditations you wish after your Kundalini Yoga practice. If you don’t have the time to do the full Aquarian Sadhana chants, or simply prefer to do something else – it is okay. There are countless Kundalini Yoga meditations with wondrous effects. However, if you do the Aquarian Sadhana chants for your sadhana, they should be done in the order in which they were given, for the full times prescribed.

Excerpt From: 'The Essential Element' book
How to get the most out of Yogi Bhajan's core teaching - Morning Sadhana
and why you won't want to miss it!
By S.S. Jot Singh Khalsa

Many Kundalini Yoga sets include exercises which have the arms up at a 60 degree angle. Our 60 degree meter is designed to help you understand that your arms should be on the 11 and 1 of the clock during those. Angles are very important in Kundalini Yoga. All Powers to assist you to ‘keep up’ and be accurate, whether you are practicing or teaching.