Jot Singh Khalsa

Jot Singh Khalsa grew up in the Boston area on the east coast, USA. He studied art and gold and silversmithing in upstate New York for six years beginning in 1972, where he also began practicing Kundalini Yoga. Yogi Bhajan wrote him a letter ca. 1978, encouraging him to “use his artistic gifts to create things that uplift and inspire people.” His work has been featured on book covers, magazine covers, in museum exhibitions and in print media published in nine languages. For 30+ years, he managed 3HO Foundation’s Summer and Winter Solstice kitchens, where he learned that serving others is a privilege and can be a profound blessing.

Jot Singh enjoys teaching around new paradigms of prosperity, the importance of being a spiritual warrior today, and utilizing one’s unique gifts to authentically fulfill one’s destiny. He also enjoys facilitating and participating in men’s groups. His hobbies include downhill skiing, bicycling, swimming and the martial arts.

He lives with his wife and has a small manufacturing facility on the grounds of Guru Ram Das Ashram in Millis, MA USA.

His original work can be viewed and purchased at: and

Jot Singh wrote and published a book on morning sadhana in 2014 which has received numerous positive reviews from longtime practitioners, teachers and trainers of Kundalini Yoga. You can preview and purchase the ebook ‘The Essential Element – How to get the most out of Yogi Bhajan’s core teaching, Morning Sadhana, and why you won’t want to miss it’ as an  Apple iBookAdobe pdf and physical book or the Kindle ebook. He is honored to be supporting this aspect of Yogi Bhajan’s teachings, by acting as the website content administrator for this website,

Jot Singh has commenced writing a second book focused solely on the Aquarian Sadhana, morning sadhana practice, entitled “The Aquarian Sadhana by Yogi Bhajan – Handbook of Suggested Guidelines.”

A podcast interview with Jot Singh sharing around Prosperity, Abundance and Morning Sadhana was recorded at the Yoga Festival in France in August 2015.
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