Sat Santokh Singh

What is most important about morning sadhana is doing it every morning.  But, since we are all imperfect beings, it may happen that we sometimes, for myriads of reasons, we may not get to do our sadhana.  What is then most important, is to not make the missing of sadhana an opportunity to experience guilt.  Instead, allow it to be an opportunity to practice the very important art of self-forgiveness: that is, to say to oneself something like, “I forgive myself for missing my practice this morning. I am still a good person and a good yogi. I will resume doing my daily sadhana tomorrow and each day to come.”
And, please bear in mind that the difference between no sadhana and a little bit of sadhana, is vasty greater than the difference between a little bit of sadhana and the full Aquarian sadhana.  What is most important is to allow oneself a daily moment to be in touch with one’s higher consciousness.
At this point in my life, after over forty years of Kundalini Yoga practice, my sadhana has become a daily very deep connection to the Infinite – a profound immersion for which I am deeply grateful.  There is nothing in life that compares to it.
Mukhia Singh Sahib Sat Santokh Singh Khalsa