Simran Kaur Khalsa

SS Simran Kaur Khalsa is a product of Yogi Bhajan’s great 3HO/Sikh Dharma experiment, she has been doing Kundalini Yoga her whole life, she was one of the first children born into this Dharmic lifestyle, her parents, SS SatJivan Kaur & Singh run Kundalini Yoga East in New York City, they have represented Sikh Dharma in NYC since the early 70’s and at the UN!  Simran grew up in the Ashram’s of the 70’s and went to India at Sikh Boarding school.  Since 1990, she has lived in Los Angeles with her husband, ‘Posture Master’ GuruPrem and raised two beautiful children. She lives a life of service, commitment, compassion, joy and gratitude. She has been a member of the Khalsa Council since 1996, served the community of Guru Ram Das Ashram as Jethadar since 1992, been on the Board of Miri Piri Academy (Sikh Dharma Education International) since 2006, taught in Teacher Trainings since 2000 and continues to share the Dharma with her smile.

Simran Kaur is the voice of ‘Tantric Har’ & ‘Tantric Mool Mantra’ as well as: Heal Me & Suite:Kirtan Soheila (now also in Spanish) & Love Life